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B. B. Fischer & Co., Inc.

2003 Product Catalogue

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2003 Product Catalogue

Crawler Drills Available

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dha 600 sn 806666 v1

dha 600 sn 906873 v2

dha 600s tiger sn 906841 v2

cha 1100 sn 96at814 v3

cha 1100 sn 94t277a v2

dha 1000 sn 706550 v2

dha 1000 sn a006135 v4

cha 660 sn 95t693a v1

dha 500 sn 906968 v2

toyo thcd 500 65080 v2

Fair Market Valuation and Prompt Sale Pricing based on 2003 Appraisal Report by Asian Appraisal Company, Inc. (Professional Business and Property Consultants).