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B. B. Fischer & Co., Inc.
CHA 660 SN 95T693A
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2003 Product Catalogue

Tamrock PowerTrak Crawler Drill


TAMROCK PowerTrak, Type CHA-660, Serial Number 95T693A, 20 to 21 m deep drill capacity, 64 - 102 mm hole diameter capacity, 9250 mm transport length, 2450 mm width, 2600 mm transport height, 1000 mm boom extension, 6250 mm feed length, hydraulically operated, with:

1 - 6-Cylinder Diesel Engine -

Caterpillar, Serial Number 4PG02613, 125 kW, provided with:

1 - Air Compressor - screw type, 6.6 cu.m/min.

2 - Dust Collectors - for primary and secondary

Complete with hydraulic pump, chain feed, rod changer, control panel, and other standard accessories.

FAIR MARKET VALUE (Prompt Sale)     *PhP  2,260,000.00

*Appraised by Asian Appraisal Company, August 2003.

cha 660 sn 95t693a v1
Fair Market Value (Prompt Sale) PhP 2,260,000.00