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B. B. Fischer & Co., Inc.
CHA 1100 SN 94T277A
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2003 Product Catalogue

Tamrock PowerTrak Crawler Drill


TAMROCK PowerTrak, Type CHA-1100, Serial Number 94T277A, 51 mm max. drill rod diameter, 102 mm drill tube diameter, 130 bar operating pressure, 22 kW kinetic power, 1340 Nm max. torque, 4330 mm rock drill travel, 6760 mm length of feed, 32 kN feed/pull-out force, 25 m max. hole depth, 800 mm boom extension, hydraulically operated, with:

1 - 6-Cylinder Diesel Engine -

Caterpillar, Model 3306BITA, Serial Number 7JB08791, 224 kW

complete with hydraulic rock drill, chain feed, rod changer, telescopic boom, carrier, powerpack, hydraulic system, dust collection system, and other standard controls and accessories.

FAIR MARKET VALUE (Prompt Sale)     *PhP  4,800,000.00

*Appraised by Asian Appraisal Company, August 2003.

cha 1100 sn 94t277a v2
Fair Market Value (Prompt Sale) PhP 4,800,000.00

cha 1100 sn 94t277a v1
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